Friday, 11 April 2014

DateNight with Derek - A cooking show for one

I am so pleased to show the first episode of “Date Night with Derek - A cooking show for one”! On today’s show, I cook spaghetti carbonara! Here is the recipe below. It’s really up to you how much of any of these ingredients you want to put in. If you like the sauce more creamier, add more milk, cheesier, add more cheese, etc. 

step 1 
buy these ingredients:
pasta (a handful is good for one person)
bacon (if you’re feeling fancy, go buy some pancetta)
half white onion
olive oil
parmigiano reggiano (said in a thick italian accent)! buy a good cheese not the ones that are pre-grated ones. it makes a huge difference! 
1/2 cup of cream
2 eggs

step 2
boil the pasta until al dente. it should be a bit firm when you bite into it. make sure you put salt in the water to flavour the pasta and olive oil so it won’t stick! 

step 3
cut the bacon and onion then cook in a frying pan. i suggest cooking the bacon first then once they’re crispy to take them out. use the residual oil to cook your onions until golden brown.

step 4
combine 2 eggs, half a cup of cream, grated parmesan cheese and pepper to make your sauce. it should be a thick consistency once you’re done. not thick like pancake mix but a bit more watery than that. if you’re making this for two people, just add an extra egg. if you want a richer taste, just use the egg yolks with the cream and cheese. 

step 5 
drain the pasta

step 6
mix everything together in the same bowl you cooked the pasta in. make sure you do this off the heat so you don’t get a scrambled egg sauce. this happened to me once. i still ate it and it was still good. that’s the great thing about this recipe, it’s hard to get it wrong. if you do get it wrong well then… come buddy. get yourself together! 

step 7
eat and enjoy!


Let me know if you guys actually make this! I’m interested to see how it went for you. Also, let me know abut recipe’s I should try or ones you would like to see in an upcoming episode of “DateNight with Derek”! 

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